Monday, April 5, 2010

Soccer Time!

Grayson just started soccer through the local YMCA and he loved it! I was worried that he would not get that all the kids were sharing one ball and get upset. As it turns out, he did get mad at one little girl who kicked the ball during practice and he tripped on it and fell. After a few minutes of me cuddling and consoling him, Tyler told me to get off the field and put him down. Tyler said, Mommies don't hold their boys during practice, either Grayson was going to play, or he was going to sit and watch. After a short man to man talk, Grayson was ready to play and play he did! He loved it! He kept giving us the thumbs up as he ran by and shouting...I am doing a great job! Sooooo cute! Can't wait till the next game! Good times.

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